Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Royal Meats BBQ


Royal Meats BBQ
710 Kipling Avenue
Etobicoke, ON

Let's be honest. Am I going to find the Texas Burger of my youth here at a Serbian BBQ restaurant? Probably not. But you never know. The Quest winds on, over hill and dale, carrying me along to some unforeseen Burger Destinations. And when it was proposed that my father-in-law, grandfather-in-law (is that a real thing?), brother-in-law and nephew stop for lunch at this Serbian BBQ place my father-in-law Randy knows about, who am I to say no?

That's right. This leg of The Quest is multigenerational: Grampa Paul (Grandfather-In-Law), Randy (Father-In-Law), Phet (Brother-In-Law), Ji Hong (Nephew) and myself went to Royal Meats BBQ to experience a Burger Quest First: Four Generations coming together to share the magic of hamburgers.

Judging by the display screen behind the counter, these burgers are magical indeed. A giant Pixelated animated burger spins majestically and then explodes into a shower of smaller burgers. It's trippy yet accurate. It is possible to get small burgers here but there is also a burger on the menu I cannot resist: the one-pounder. Forget your quarter pounds or your six ounces-- this here is one pound of gut-busting burger meat, grilled fresh and covered with your choice of toppings, which includes two different kinds of Serbian cheese spreads: a red spread with peppers and feta and a white spread with cream cheese. Do I want Serbian cream cheese on my one pound hamburger? What is this, Rhetorical Day?

YES, YES, YES. This burger is truly unlike any I have had before. The meat isn't just ground beef. It's a mixture of pork and veal that cooks into a chewier patty than a regular burger. At the table Phet laughs as he cuts a fourth of his one pounder for his son Ji. "That's a Quarter Pounder," he says. "And look how much hamburger I have left!"

So it's not the burger of my youth. Does that burger even exist? Am I tilting at burger-shaped windmills? If you can't step into the same river twice and you can't go home again, does that mean I can never find that perfect burger from my Texas Childhood? Have I idealized my dream burger out of all proportions? Isn't it better to forget the past and concentrate on living in the here and now? The delicious one-pound burger in my belly says YES.


Anonymous said...

Man, this place sounds great...I've gotta get out there in the new year.

essay write said...

Never been in Serbian restaurant. If this one is so great as you told - I MUST visit it. Love good juicy burgers and BBQ of course too

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Looks delicious! Greetings from Romania!

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