Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bronto Burger

Bronto Burger
2982 Dundas Street West

October 19th (I think) Friday, 2007

It's a surprisingly hot and humid October day. "Ah, tropical October!" Of course. On the Broadview streetcar is a classic Canadian sight: some folks are bundled up in fur-lined parkas, others are sitting comfortably in short sleeved shirts. I'm on my way to Dundas West to meet the 2nd vegetarian to join me on the quest: Mr. Jason Lapeyre. We're headin' to The Junction in search of Burger Goodness. Lapeyre, being a Junction local, has a hot tip on a burger joint but, being a vegetarian, can't sample the wares himself. That's where I come in.

We meet at Dundas West station. Lapeyre is grinning happily. "See that woman?" He says. "Seconds before you got here, she was belting out Gospel songs!" A good sign. We catch the bus and head North.

The Junction reminds me of Kingston, Ontario: a similar mix of ramshackle homes and record stores, restaurants and halfway houses. We meander a bit along the street and spot Bronto Burger. Brontos may be big but this restaurant is a tiny cube. Inside is one table and six stools. The back wall has been decorated to look like a fake cave. There's a big "Dino" from The Flintstones licking his purple chops.

We saunter up to the counter. Jay opts for the Veggie Burger and I go for the gusto: a fourteen ounce 'Bam Bam Burger' and an order of onion rings (I know, I know-- my heart hurts just writing that sentence.) The service is super-fast and in what seems like seconds we're pointing to the condiments we want. Lapeyre's Veggie Burger looks great, by which I mean it looks like MEAT. The buns are toasted. Another good sign.

My 'Bam Bam Burger' is two seven-ounce patties on a sesame seed toasted bun. That grilled meat smell hits my nose and I want to dive right in. First I get it loaded up: red onions, pickles, tomatoes, mustard and mayo. We comandeer the single table and get down to it.

THE FIRST BITE is hot and delicious, but also mildly disappointing. The smell, that powerful grilled meat smell doesn't quite match the taste. This burger doesn't have that overwhelming MEAT taste I'm craving. It's filling, though-- that's for sure. The onion rings are delicious-- large and ultra-crispy. All in all, a funky little restaurant with a not-bad burger-- but not The Burger of My Dreams.

Where are you, Dream Burger? Are you out there? If so, I'll find you. This I vow!