Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Quest Begins

“I want a hot dog... no, I want a hamburger.”
“You’ll get nothing! And like it!”

I’ve got a craving for a hamburger, and not just any hamburger: the Texas-style hamburger of my rapidly receeding youth. There’s a line in the movie Barcelona about “this delicious hamburger of memory,” and that’s exactly what I want. It might be intangible-- it might be impossible-- but over the course of one year I will scour the streets of Toronto on a Quest for that elusive Perfect Burger. I will leave no burger unturned: chain restaurant burgers, gourmet burgers, burgers from the greasiest of the greasy spoons... I will try them all, hoping to catch a taste-- just a taste-- of my Texas Childhood.

UPDATE: Did I say one year? Oh, what a naive fool I was! This Quest could take a lifetime.


Ashley said...

I was just wandering around the kitchen yesterday, hungry and confused, saying that "I want a hot dog..." line to myself. Hoo-rah.

Anonymous said...

For the record, the veggie burgers at Burger Shoppe leave much to be desired.